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Prenatal and Postpartum Health & Wellness Coaching

with Ashley Vipond


Simply Fit With Ashley

Prenatal & Postpartum Fitness & Wellness Specialist


no one Mom is the same.

Custom Fitness & Nutrition Solutions for Moms Who Are Ready To Make Their Fitness and Nutrition Dreams Come True in 90 Days!


Prenatal & PostpaRTUM One On One coaching

Kiss your comfort zone goodbye!

You’ve probably tried multiple diet and workout programs, saved tons of your favorite Instagramers workout videos , and have even dabbled in extreme programs and fad food diets. Only to figure out that these options are not giving you the sustainable results that you are looking for, and that all of the fees and promises are burning a hole in your wallet and killing your positive vibes.

It can get pretty lonely working out alone with a screen that can’t motivate you, learn about your deepest goals for yourself, or provide you with the empathy and understanding that only another real human fellow Mom can provide.

Are you ready to make a commitment to yourself and get your freedom back in just 90 days?

Let’s join our forces to create the perfect custom exercise and nutrition program that fits YOUR lifestyle and that will hold you accountable when times get tough.

Kiss yo-yo dieting goodbye, and say “peace out” to endless amounts of cookie cutter workouts and meal plans not made for your busy schedule.

If you are looking for a “one stop shop” program that provides custom workouts that fit your body type, nutritional programs that will improve your eating habits as well as teach you tools to feed you family using healthier methods, and that will give you 90 DAYS of high level accountability, structure, and 1:1 trainer support.

You are in the right place!



Determine your weight loss options, and get a plan today.

Book your free 20 minute “Tummy Talk” call.

Learn about how to Lose your Tummy Pouch, Improve your daily Eating habits, find the energy to power through your busy days, and get on a consistent exercise schedule.

bonus! once you complete your call you get a free “Simply Signature Fat Burning Workout + A Clean Eating Food Guide”!

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Sign up to receive your free copy of the:


Jump Start Your After Baby Weight Loss Goals By Learning How To Safely Workout and Eat Without The Fear Of Losing Your Milk Supply.

No Energy Sucking Long Workouts, Strict Dieting, or Pricey Supplements. Learn How To Start Losing Your Tummy Pooch Today!


Go from Bloated, Burnt Out & Anxious...

To feeling energetic, motivated & fit!


Stroller, Bootcamp, & Diastasis Recti Classes

Tired of trying to lose your belly pouch all on your own?

Is that extra 10,15, or 20 pounds not getting the hint that it’s time to leave, or is the ab and pelvic pain that you are feeling making it hard for you to get your every day tasks done?

Well, then it might just be time for you to reserve your spot in one of the “Simply Fit Stroller Classes”, “Body By Mommy Bootcamp Classes”, or in the “Diastasis Recti Lab.”

You NO longer have to try to get fit alone and without support Mama!

(3) 60-minute workouts that are comprised of strength training, cardio, core strengthening exercises, and Diastasis Recti repair programming.

You’ll leave these classes feeling energized and with a sense of accomplishment!

Come and join our mighty Mama “crew!”

Sign up for your class time below!


Moms & Mimosas

Grab your spot for an amazing 90 minute workshop that combines physical activity, mimosas, and a group discussion of a different topic every month.

This gives our Mama “crew” a chance to connect with other like minded Mamas, learn about how to take control of their health goals, and sip on a nice cold Mimosa on a Saturday morning with our amazing community.

If you are local to the Montgomery, Alabama area this event is the perfect way to get an amazing workout and join a community of positive and like minded women who are also on their quest to be the healthiest that they can be.

Are you ready to do some sit ups and sip?


You deserve confidence.

It’s time for change.


Hi, I’m Ashley!

A Certified Prenatal and Postpartum Fitness Specialist, Health & Wellness Coach, Group Fitness Instructor, and I’ve taken on my most important “job” yet, Mom.

I help moms become stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally through helping them create realistic custom fitness routines that fit into their busy lives, fostering a environment of collaboration and accountability through group coaching programs, and leading various group fitness classes.

My mission is to make exercise a positive outlet for Mom’s through teaching and implementing plans that show exercise can be creative, collaborative, spark ambition, and allow Mom’s to live longer and healthier lives.

Exercise saved my life.

After I had my son I had Postpartum Depression. Exercise was the positive outlet that i used to help me heal through those dark times, and I want to share my passion and joy with others going through the same situations.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel.


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