4 Easy Ways To Lose Lower Belly Fat


Have you ever wondered why you can’t get rid of that extra 5,10, or 15 pounds, or why your belly still looks pregnant even though your kid is 3 years old? 

Well, I’m here to help you tackle your weight loss goals with 4 simple tips that helped me lose 32 pounds and regain my self-confidence.

Well, our stories pretty much start the same.  We have our babies, leave the hospital, and sometimes we still look SUPER pregnant. For example, I was at the store after I had my son and the cashier asked me when was I due? I was so embarrassed that I went to the car and proceeded to have a full blown meltdown. I had no idea that my stomach would look the way that it did, and that it would not return back to its original shape once the baby was born. So, there I was stuck with this belly pooch, my clothes that didn’t fit me, and a whole slew of self-confidence issues due to my new body and Postpartum Depression. 

So that day, I decided that I had to do something! I knew that I wasn’t going to pay a million dollars, join a program that required me to take 18 supplements, or start a restrictive diet.  None of those options fit my busy Mom lifestyle. So, once I assessed my situation, I got serious about my health and did the work that it took to lose the 32 pounds that I had gained during pregnancy. Now, I am sharing the 4 tips that helped me shed my post baby weight, ditch the belly pooch, and get my self-confidence back.

#1.Get clear on where there source of the belly pooch is.

A lot of my clients constantly tell  me that they have lower back pain, hip pain, pain when they twist their upper torso, or have feelings of extreme bloating. However, few of them have bothered to find the root of these problems. They’ve decided to just live with these postpartum aches and pains! Let’s get one thing clear, if you are having abdominal pain, lower back pain, or extreme bloating accompanied by issues going to the bathroom after having your baby, these symptoms are NOT normal, and you do not have to live with them!

You need to start assessing the issue right way. A good place to start is by checking yourself for Diastasis Recti, which is an unusual separation of the right and left halves of the abdomen. This condition can cause Moms to experience pain when doing certain movements (twisting or bending), and give the stomach the appearance of still looking pregnant. Diastasis Recti is a common culprit of causing Moms grief in the belly area.

#2: Figure out how to fuel your body. 

The number second tool that you can use to start losing that belly pooch today is learning which foods you need to fuel your body. Now, I'm not going to be one of those trainers who preaches restrictive diets, quick cleanses, or shake replacements. Those methods aren’t my training or teaching style. Food is a major key when it comes to weight loss, but it’s only just one of the keys, it’s not the ONLY one. 

What you can do to start learning how to fuel your body quickly is to be mindful of what your eating, and pay close attention to sugar, sodium, trans fat, saturated fat, and key ingredients that are listed in the foods that you choose to eat every day. For example, one way to reduce your sugar intake, which can help reduce your belly pouch, is going to limit sugary drinks. Look for healthier substitutes, or grab a nice cold glass of H2O. Instead of having a Diet Pepsi, you could try water mixed with fresh fruit or cucumber.

#3: You have to move that amazing body of yours.

I can't tell you how much I can't stand it when I see people boast about their weight loss journeys, and spreading their message that they didn't have to exercise to get results. Well, that's great for you, but why wouldn’t you want to move your body? We are so blessed to be in these bodies where we can actually run, jump,climb,bend, twist and million other fun functions. Why in the world wouldn’t you want to include that in your life? 

Whether you're picking your child up, picking up groceries, pushing a stroller down the street, or  chasing your toddler around, you ARE exercising and you ARE moving your body. It all just boils down to how consistently you are moving. When you aren’t consistent, or skip out on exercise altogether your results will seem stagnant, and you could also experience plateaus. I want you to promise yourself to keep moving because you're going to start seeing results. Get started today by walking for 20 minutes outside with your baby. Getting some exercise and fresh air not only  will elevate your mood, but will help you to create a caloric deficit, which equals weight loss!

#4: Do NOT leave any stone unturned.

We are going to be mini detectives right now. We all know that eating “right” and exercise are huge parts of weight loss, but what if you are doing those things and the scale still isn’t moving. My dear Mom friends, it’s now time to investigate. 

I want you to literally do a body scan, not with a machine, but close your eyes and focus on the sensations within your body. Now, grab a pen and paper and write down any aches, pains, nausea, etc. that you currently are feeling or have felt recently. Next, make a list of ALL medications (including birth control), supplements, and other foreign substances that you take, and record your results on the paper underneath the results from your mental body scan. Finally, write down how many hours of sleep on average that you get per night, any common stressors in your life, food/outdoor allergies, and any skin issues that you are having. 

This information is like a gold mine to trainers and medical professionals! This information will help us to bridge together a plan that fits YOUR individual needs for weight loss, and get the scale moving in the right direction. All of the factors listed above could all be reasons why your weight loss goals may not be coming true, and they need to be assessed properly. Don’t give up if you are doing all of the right things and still getting no results, you are not alone. Get an assessment, and start uncovering the clues. 

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Ashley Vipond