5 Low Calorie Cocktails for the Holiday


Don't want to give up your favorite holiday drinks, but the thought of mass amounts of calories in holiday foods and drinks makes you nervous that all of your hard work will be thrown down the chimney this holiday season? Alcoholic drinks can carry a lot of extra calories if thought is not given to serving sizes and extra additions to the drinks. Different brands of a type of drink also may not be the most calorie friendly as well. For example, purchasing Skinnygirl Sangria (1 serving size=0.5 oz.) is 132 calories versus Yellowtail Sangria ( 1 serving size=0.6 oz.) is 148 calories according to myfitnesspal.com, which is a helpful resource when you are looking to compare food and beverage brands. Holiday drinkers should also take note that it may be difficult to finding the calorie content of their favorite drinks, due to the fact that alcohol companies are not legally obligated to provide that information.

Well this list will help you to skip the worrying this holiday season, and get back to carefree sipping with these 5 healthy holiday cocktails that pack the flavor, but lack the calories.

1.Apple Cider Mimosa- 83 calories per serving.

These Apple Spiced Mimosas let you hold on to Fall a little longer and helps introduce Christmas with a bang! At 159 calories per serving this drink let's you play it safe with the calories, but doesn't disappoint you with the taste. Get the recipe here: (https://www.thecookierookie.com/apple-cider-mimosas/)

2.Kombucha Cosmopolitan- 198 calories per serving.

Kombucha is a great probiotic, boosts immune health, and helps with digestion, so why not put it in a drink?! This Kombucha Cosmopolitan gives you tons of health benefits while allowing you to enjoy a classy drink for the holidays, and for only 198 calories per serving! Saving all of those calories definitely puts you on Santa's "nice" list this year. Get the recipe here: (https://gethealthyu.com/recipe/kombucha-cocktail/ )

3.White Wine Sangria with fresh Cranberries, Apples, and Rosemary leaves- 203 calories per serving.

You can never go wrong with White Wine Sangria. It's an all season favorite. To make your sangria drink holiday worthy, spruce it up with some fresh cranberries and 1-2 rosemary sprigs for some refreshing holiday flavor. Check out the recipe here: (https://jerryjamesstone.com/recipe/cranberry-rosemary-white-christmas-sangria/ )

4.Boozy Skinny Hot Chocolate - 80 calories per serving.

This isn't your Grandma's hot chocolate! (Or maybe it is and grandma just wasn't telling you). This Boozy Skinny Hot Chocolate drink gives you all of the Christmas at Grandma's house feels, but with half the calories. This drink is perfect for sipping in front of the fireplace while dreaming of sugar plums dancing in your head. Get the recipe here ( https://gethealthyu.com/11-healthy-low-calorie-holiday-cocktail-recipes/)

4.Vodka Soda with a hint of Lime and cranberries to garnish- 152 calories per serving.

The awesome thing about Vodka Soda is that the calories in the drink come from just the liquor and whatever you decide to add. The soda is calorie free! So, if you keep this drink simple and add a hint of lime, and a few cranberries for garnish you can save that calorie counting stress for another day. Get the recipe here ( https://www.eatingbirdfood.com/sparkling-vodka-cranberry-with-lime/)