How to Build a Home Gym for Under $50

Let’s face it, as a Mom our time is super limited and hardly ever our own. Feedings, playing with Legos, and play dates often get traded in for our previous lifestyles of happy hours, girls nights out, and our fitness routines before the baby. Well guess what? That Mama pouch isn’t gonna go anywhere soon no matter how much you wish it away, and those hot little outfits that you once wore ( it feels like a different life ago) are just sitting in your closet becoming vintage items as we speak.

Every day Moms are facing obstacles finding the time to head to gyms and group fitness classes that usually have set hours and limited class times. 

What if I told you that there was a way for you to ditch the pricey memberships, crowded classes, and lack of childcare for working out in a comfortable environment (your home), with clean equipment, not having to worry about getting your workout interrupted because your baby pooped their diaper at the gym daycare (I know this scenario from first hand experience,ugh!), and that you could do all of this for under $50 bucks! Well my fellow Mom friends this can be done, with a little price checking, and the passion to workout on your own terms your home gym dreams are right in front of you.

First things first  I want to let you know that I used to manage fitness studios. I would wake up at the crack of dawn head into work in my workout outfit, preach to people about the benefits of working out, and how it could help their body issues then would go home and neglect myself. I had a free unlimited membership, I even worked in the building, but due to limited class times, and only 12 people being allowed in the class, I hardly ever got to workout. I sat on the sidelines while I saw members hitting their weight loss goals, while I wolfed down a pack of Starbursts. I fantasized about how they were sleeping better, had more energy, or that they were able to wear a two piece bathing suit and not feel weird not covering up (gasp). All of these positive changes were going on around me and there I was stagnant, not losing weight, and my baby “fat” was starting to apply for residency on my bod like it was Vegas. until one day I said enough was enough! I wanted those damn results. I wanted to to lose weight, sleep well, and wear my bathing suit and flaunt what my mama gave me.

“ I was tired of sitting on the sidelines of my live creating change in others, but ignoring myself.. which a lot of us Mamas are guilty of, we matter too!”

So, that’s when I decided to start my home gym. I wanted to make sure to never neglect my own fitness again despite of my circumstances. Here are my top 5 must have affordable home gym items for under $50.00.

1.Series-8 fitness™ 5mm fuschia pink yoga mat 24in x 68in from Five Below: $5

This cost effective yoga mat has the feel of a more expensive mat. The material is soft and body forming, and is able to be cleaned very easily. I consider a yoga mat a staple in my home gym because you can execute ab work, meditations, and cardio routines all on this one piece of equipment. The yoga mat is easy to store, and has lasted me 2 years so far, not bad for $5 huh?

2.CAP Barbell Black Neoprene Dumbbell, Multiple Sizes, Single found at Walmart 4lbs at $3.75/per weight (if you purchase in store).

If you are more of a higher reps and less weight type of person these dumbbells are right up your alley. They are are perfect edition to your home gym, and they don’t come with the guy in the tank top taking a selfie in the mirror. I use my two dumbbells for arm work, adding extra weight during barre inspired exercises, for side bends (to help get rid of love handles) and during my squats for more of a challenge.

3.Perfect Fitness Ab Carver $26.99 at Walmart.

This product is highly rated. It is for all fitness levels, has ergonomic hand grips, and tones the arms and abs. Say bye bye to that mommy pouch and hello to the muscles underneath.

4.Champro PVC Speed Jumping Rope from epic for $1.79.

This rope is made from rough PVC rope and has high impact modeled handles. The review speak to its durability and the price is a total no brainer. Jumping rope is a great speed a cardio workout to burn calories and to increase speed and stamina.

5.Meglio Latex Free Resistance Bands Loops. Found on Amazon $8.49 (used- very good condition).

Are Perfect for Physical Therapy, Strength Training Workouts, Yoga, Pilates, Stretching. Range of Resistance Strengths & Bonus, they have a Free Exercise Guide Booklet Included that targets upper and lower body workouts! They are durable, latex free, and come in six different colors.

And the grand total comes to (drum roll please)... $49.77. Boom I hope your mind has been blown! You can workout in your own home, exercise your abs, legs, stretch, participate in cardio, and strength train for under $50 dollars! No crazy gym hours, packed group classes, or daycare woes.

Now that you have all this awesome equipment, you're going to need to focus on getting your workout on!