3 Amazing Reasons to Try A Pound Fit Class Now!


3 Amazing Reasons to Try a Pound Class Right Now!

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So, last week I proposed the questions on Instagram (@simplyfitwithashley) “What is the one type of workout that makes you excited to get out of bed in the morning?” “What makes you tick, and throw all those damn excuses and caution to the wind?” Since I am a certified fitness specialist, trainer, and coach I usually love creating my own workouts. I feel like they are effective and that I am pretty damn good at it, if I can toot my own horn, but even experienced trainers  need inspiration. I consider myself a forever a student. I draw my inspiration from nature, my life experiences, and other fitness professionals that I admire.

While looking for some inspiration to push me through these cold and dark nights, I decided it was time to attend a group fitness class. I was pointed into the direction of Pound (cardio drumming). At first I was skeptical, but I can now say that I am hooked. From the moment I stepped foot into the class the music was poppin, the instructor was easy to follow, and it was one hell of a workout! I do believe that you do need to make Pound a supplement in addition to your regular strength training. In my opinion nothing still can beat the one on one attention that you receive from a personal trainer for a fitness coach.

Here are the Top 3 Reasons Why I Adore Pound:

  1. The music is amazing. I manage Pilates studios, and I can honestly tell you that one person can only listen to the same damn playlist so many freaking times. Pound classes are packed with current music and fun mixes. No matter what genre of music you prefer you are able to get in the zone, which helps you focus on getting results.

  2. Drumsticks are involved. Brain power is needed! This workout forced me to use not only my physical muscles, but also my brain! You have to be able to follow patterns, and follow along to ques, which makes for a REAL full body and mind workout, but it is easy enough to pick up on your first class… so need need to be a dance expert.

  3. It didn’t feel like torture. A lot of classes talk about busting your but, lifting things and putting them down, etc., but if you’re like me, you love your workouts to be somewhat enjoyable. By the middle of class I was having so much fun that I didn’t even care that I was sweating or that my heart rate had reached 168! I felt free and efficient, the same way I feel when I write my own workouts.

I plan on returning back to class this week, and looking into training options. One time and I’m hooked y’all!

For more information about Pound head to www.poundfit.com to find a class or training session near you!

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Ashley Vipond