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Creating New Years Resolutions: For New Moms

Before you start tossing out self-esteem and future goals, let us examine the global trend of falling short of your new year resolutions. There must be a reason. Maybe it is in the resolutions we set out – ambitious, abstract goals we set for ourselves. Most times, we do not even know why we want to “do yoga every morning”, is it what our hearts are telling us to do? Can we really follow dreams if we do not know why we have them?

So, let us re-draft our lists with things that may be closer to us than previous lists from all the years before.

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How to Build a Home Gym for Under $50

Every day Moms are facing obstacles finding the time to head to gyms and group fitness classes that usually have set hours and limited class times. 

What if I told you that there was a way for you to ditch the pricey memberships, crowded classes, and lack of childcare for working out in a comfortable environment (your home), with clean equipment, not having to worry about getting your workout interrupted because your baby pooped their diaper at the gym daycare (I know this scenario from first hand experience,ugh!), and that you could do all of this for under $50 bucks! Well my fellow Mom friends this can be done, with a little price checking, and the passion to workout on your own terms your home gym dreams are right in front of you.

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