Mom Bod Bootcamp

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Just Had A Baby and Finding It Difficult Keeping Fit? 

Here’s How to Get That Killer Body Back in As Little as Eight Weeks!

As a new mom, have you tried all forms of dieting and exercising but can’t seem to get any result?

Do you constantly dream of getting your post-pregnancy body back without excessively altering your day to day routine?

Have you heard about how I’ve been getting Mom’s INSANE results? No? Well, now, you know. With my few simple fitness steps, 8 weeks is all it takes to make that difference.

There Are Over 4 Million New Moms in The US Every Year - You Are Not Alone.

I found out surprisingly that the most reoccurring feeling new moms had about gaining pregnancy weight was how alone they felt. For a phenomenon so common, you’d think otherwise. I, however, found the opposite to be the reality. 

Most new moms I encounter are always keen to share how different they felt, not only from others but from their previous ‘life,’ and to know that this past life was just moments ago made it somewhat perplexing.

But that wasn’t the most challenging part. For new moms, losing pregnancy weight and keeping fit was always THE challenge.

On the one hand, the energy and drive to consistently exercise was usually lacking, on the other, even after mustering up all the drive in the world, fitting such activities into their daily routine became a challenge on its own.

Well in just 8 weeks, and for ONLY $89, I can help you get everything that you’ve felt that you’ve been missing back on track with the ‘Mom Bod Bootcamp’!

This camp is made for busy Moms in mind. (2) POWER PACKED weekly exercise sessions which are done in REAL TIME if you are online, and outdoors if you are local to me. You get my personal help to eat healthy, track your progress, and best of all hold you accountable for those times when being a Mom and trying to get fit can feel like they just don’t mix.

Week #1 Strong is the new SEXY Pt. 1

I am going to teach you how to get those toned arms and legs that you have been dreaming of by showing you how to include weights in your daily fitness routine and by teaching you how resistance bands can sculpt and tone muscles in places you never thought existed.

Week #2: Peaches, Thighs, and Legs…OH MY!

You will not only learn which movements will lift your “peach,” but you will also gain the lower body strength you need to raise a heavy toddler.

Week #3, Amazing Arms...Ditch the Bat Wings and “Bingo Arms”

You will be doing some hardcore focusing on sculpting, and toning your Upper Body. Let “bingo arms” “bird wings”, and saggy boobies be things of the past.

Week #4: Sweet to the Core

This week you will learn fat burning exercises that will help you to flatten your belly pooch and strengthen your deepest core muscles. I’m no fortune teller, but I see a strong core and a flat tummy in your future Mama!

Week #5: BOGO Week (Buy One, Get One) + Baseline Test #2

This week we will be focusing on how to bring strength training (toning, lifting, and sculpting) and cardio (endurance and speed) into one cute and beautifully wrapped workout present.

Week #6: Beat the Clock ⏰

This week, you will be putting the “pedal to the metal!” You will be doing full-body HIIT workouts, but with a twist!

Week #7: Strong Is the New SEXY PT. 2

This week you are kicking it up a notch and bringing on the fat-burning fun with more muscle-building, lifting, and sculpting!

Week #8: Congrats You Little MILF! + Final Baseline Test + Winners Circle

This week you will also have your final Mom Bod Evaluation! Complete the 20-minute fitness conditioning test to see how much weight you have lost, how much stronger you are, and how energized you feel after kicking major butt with this program!

AND…this may make me sound like a crazy person, but I’m offering you a *100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

I strongly believe in what I have put together, as my packages are a product of years of research and life experiences.

Given this, Mom’s that religiously follow my programs and do not get the desired results at the end will get a full refund from me.

What Are You Waiting For?

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