Exercising should be fun and done YOUR way!

Don’t want to workout at a gym? You don’t have to.

Not a big fan of being in a huge group? Let’s make working out a tad more personal.


Does the idea of placing your child the gym daycare give you massive anxiety? Well, what if I told you that you can still get an amazing workout WITH your child present.

While this isn’t Burger King…YOU can have your workout your way when you join The Simply Stroller Academy!

The Simply Stroller Audio Starter Pack should be every new Mom’s go-to option for keeping fit. As not only do you get to experience complete body conditioning and outdoor exercise, you also get to spend time with your child while doing so — the perfect win-win situation!

Lose your first 10 or 15 pounds of after baby weight, slip right into your “before baby jeans”, kiss your “mommy tummy” goodbye, and have the energy of a toddler that knows it’s time for bed with the

Stroller Fit Academy Membership!

For as little as $9.99/month, you get:

(4) Stroller Audio Classes- 1 NEW class per week!

Movement Vault Database of all exercises where you can build your own custom Simply Fit Stroller workout.

Plug N’ Play Stroller Workout Map. Create your own workout in less than 2 minutes.

(1) Stroller Music Playlist a month to help keep your workout out routine upbeat and fun.

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