Private Lassons and Coaching


If you’re ready to take your life off of autopilot, have 100% accountability for your health, and get personalized programs and attention you’re in the right place. My 1:1 Virtual Coaching Sessions Packages are for Mamas who are ready to get down to business and make SERIOUS progress about investing in their personal health and futures. I help my clients get out of their comfort zones by working to change not only their bodies, but their minds and habits with fitness programs that fit their fitness levels and time constraints and providing knowledge of proper nutrition. If you are looking for a partner, someone who is just as invested in you, as you are in yourself, who treats you with empathy, non-judgement, and is a Mama herself then I’m your gal :)

If you’re ready to get started, the first step is to book your Discovery Call today!

Pricing starts at $30 per session.

*Private Coaching can also be conducted in person if you are local to the Montgomery, Alabama area.

Group Coaching Programs


These Group Coaching programs provide Moms flexibility, challenging workouts, and small group support that Moms have been craving since the dawn of Motherhood!

Enjoy flexible class times due to weekly live 45 minute classes, and digital email assignments. Plan classes around nap times or meetings, and have exercises to do during the week at your own pace.

Maintain your progress my having the proper knowledge of where you stand with wellness . Understand what healthy food choices look like in “real life food form” and how many calories you should actually be eating in order to lose or maintain your weight through a 1:1 wellness assessment with yours truly.

Create awesome and lasting Mama relationships through our private Simply Fit Support Group on Facebook. Be honest and share your successes, struggles, mom gripes of the week, and learn holistic and realistic ways to create and maintain your healthy lifestyle.

Never be alone. In between classes I am here for you! With these packages you can email me personal questions before our next session and get a response within 24 hours. I am your guide and leader in all things fitness and wellness.

Who’s ready to out with their new best friends?!

Take the first step to find out which group program fits you the best Book your Discovery Call today!

Pricing starts at $80/month.