The Mom Bod One on One Training Program is a 90 day HIGH level accountability fitness and nutrition program that is perfect for new Mom’s who are looking to get their bodies back into optimal shape while keep their milk supply in tact, restore their core and pelvic floor strength so that daily tasks are not strenuous, and obtain the VITAL skills of how to exercise properly with their “new body” while feeding themselves and their families with confidence.

In one month you can only get a taste of what real results actually look and feel like.

It’s time to make a commitment to yourself that this time will be different. The Simple Fierce 90 day program will allow you to tackle any obstacles that come your way, provide you the time that is needed to adjust and give yourself grace for when things get tough, and reward you with the TRUE results that you deserve and want to see.


  • New Mom’s who are ready to make a time and financial commitment to their health in order to live their most fulfilling lives

  • Mom’s who are tired of their clothes not fitting, feeling uncomfortable in their own skin, and hiding that “the Mommy Pouch” under layers of clothing

  • Mom’s who are sick and tired of being sold to and wasting their hard earned money on “cookie cutter” programs that keep them trapped on the hamster wheel of restrictive diets and exercises that aren’t made for their bodies

  • Mom’s who have special needs such as Diastasis Recti, Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, and C- Section Pain. You deserve workouts that will keep you safe and improve your condition.


  • 1 hour Initial Consultation

  • Access to Accountability App & Daily Trainer Check Ins

  • (4) One on One Weekly Training Sessions via Zoom Video Conferencing

  • Unlimited Q & A Chat Access

  • (1) Weekly Health Coaching Session (topic of your choice)

  • Individual comprehensive meal plan (can be adjusted for dietary preferences)

  • (2) Meal Prepping 101 Mini Video sessions

  • Grocery Shopping Like A Boss Virtual/ In Person Grocery Store Tour Lesson

  • (1) Online Live Cooking & Prep Session with family friendly recipes

  • Access to future Simply Fit E-Books and video content

    You can get this amazing “one stop shop” 90 DAY high accountability custom fitness and nutrition program that is crafted just for your body type and eating habits for ONLY 4 easy payments of $300 OR 1 payment of $1200.

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